At Care Wears, I specialise in eco-friendly & vegan garment screen printing.


I regularly work with fellow environmentally and ethically conscious individuals and brands and deliver high quality custom-made t-shirts, bags, hoodies and more!


My recent clients include:

Bright Zine, A Kind Living, Brave Foods, Ms. Cupcake, Black Cat Cafe, Viva La Vegan, Lollipop, Fry's Family Food, Dope Softserve, 100 Women I know and more!

Please see the gallery of my work, refer to the price list below, or request a quote at the bottom of the page.

Garment Printing Services

Price list

For a detailed quote please email or fill in the form on the bottom of the page

Screen Set-Up - £25.00 
a separate screen is required for every colour of the design

Single Colour Print:
-£2.50 (20+ prints)
-£2.00 (50+ prints)
-£1.50 (100+ prints)

Organic T-shirts:

-from £3.50 each

Organic Tote Bags:

-from £1.80

Price list

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