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So... What is Care Wears?


- Care Wears is a playful answer to the ethical, sustainable and vegan fashion movement.


Being an enthusiast of the full colour spectrum, I decided to start making clothes that I'd love to wear, with materials and ethics that I'd be happy to get behind. There's no reason why ethical clothing can’t be fun and colourful! 


It’s great to see plenty of new ethical fashion brands emerging every week, however it seems that there still isn't that much to choose from for us rainbow-lovers! Care Wears is on a mission to change that!



Who is Care Wears? 


- Care Wears is a one-woman business.


My name is Kasia and I am everything that is Care Wears. I am proud to say that I design all the items you see, which I then hand-print, sew labels into, pack and post to your home! Every last detail of this brand has been handled by me. I try to put my ethics and girl power into everything I do. 


What makes Care Wears special?


- Care Wears is a tiny one-woman business, created with ethics at the forefront. I always ensure that, as well as looking good and being good quality, my products are as ethical and eco-friendly as possible. 


The vast majority of my garments are certified organic and made predominantly with cotton, with some containing small amounts of recycled polyester. All the inks used in printing are water-based, eco-friendly and vegan; with many of the colours also being certified organic (some shades do not come with organic certification sadly!).


On top of that, Care Wears clothing spreads the message of positivity and compassion. Being a long-term vegan myself, this is something that is very close to my heart! 




Do you offer printing services?


-Yes! As well as printing all of my own designs for Care Wears, I also take lots of printing commissions from other ethically-minded companies and individuals. 


If you are looking for a vegan and ethical clothing printer, please feel free to get in touch and check out my Services page. 



Thank you for stopping by!


Much love,


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Cruelty Free Bunny Organic T-shirt
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